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This is Brandon Cash

Rather, this is Brandon Cash's mugshot that was taken in 2014. Brandon J. Cash, then 33, of Austin, was arrested after he ran around the hotel early Monday morning in a bikini and exposed himself, police said.

Last update: 6/28/2020

Recently Brandon's Bar was shut down for violating government orders, endangering the public, during a pandemic.

This prompted a facebook rant. Anyone who knows of Brandon's history could've seen this coming.

Brandon's bar also garnered attention in 2017 for making racist comments online.

Brandon doesn't just own one bar!

Unbarlievable is currently in the spotlight for the comments being made and those in the past. This is not about just one bar. This is about an individual and others like him that are able to succeed in a broken system. WE made Brandon Cash. Let's not do it again.
Unbarlievable on Rainey st, Austin

The Rooftop on 6th st, Austin

The Aquarium on 6th st, Austin

Rooftop on the Square, San Marcos

The Goodnight on W 6th st, Austin

He was even removed from several of the bars he used to be involved in! 

"Good Afternoon Alex,
My name is Matt Wolski and myself along with my business partner and attorney, Benjamin Farias(cc'd) are the owners of Lion's Share Hospitality in Austin, Texas.
I was just sent a link to your website( where you list our venues: Parlor & Yard and Stereotype, as being owned by Brandon Cash.
Lion's Share Hospitality wholly owns Parlor & Yard. Brandon Cash has 0 affiliation with our venue. Brandon was initially a partner in Stereotype but quickly removed after the initial issues at Unbarlievable in 2018 and no longer has any relationship with the venue.
We appreciate your quick attention to correcting this misinformation to prevent further damage to our business unduly.
Thank you,MW"

Also unsurprisingly, Brandon has a history of misogynistic comments and sexual assault allegations.

Worst of all, there are hundreds of people who support him.

They support him with their dollar, they support the comments he makes publicly, and they support him by being silent. Silence is agreement. Spending money at any of his businesses makes you complicit in the system that allows people like him to succeed. Fuck Brandon Cash. And fuck people like him.

Submit your experience!

If you or any one you know have been victimized by Brandon submit to and have it added to the page!

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